DIY Build: Farmhouse Coffee Table

Hi Friends, My project the past two weeks has been building a new Coffee Table for our Living Room. My inspiration and guide is one of Ana White’s Plan here:

I just didn’t do the side X’s and my table is 42″ long instead of 52″

Here’s our Current Coffee Table I felt like I just had to replace:

This was our “Starter” Coffee table and it was free!


My first Panel. The 2x2s there are 33″ long for an overall table width of 42″ (1″ overhang).


I used all Framing Lumber for this project. My table dimensions are 42″ L x 27.5″ W x 18″ T so I have (3) 2″ x 6″, (1) 1″ x 12″, (3) 2″x 4″, (2) 2″ x 2″. I bought all 8′ long boards. The great thing about framing lumber is that it’s cheap! All this wood cost about $38. The problem with Framing Lumber is finding unwarped/straight pieces, and it’s often in need of some good sanding. You could go with Select Pine, its about 2-3x the Price per board but you’ll get a cleaner-looking product and straighter pieces.

Both panels built.

Assembling the two panels with the side bottom frame pieces and the bottom 1 x 12 boards.


Tip: To get the end boards to overhang as evenly as you can, start with the middle board. Measure on both sides, the end of the board to the corner of the table until the dimension is the same on both sides & clamp in place.


I flipped my table on the side because it was easier to get the drill in that way. I used these clamps to try to close any large gaps between the 2″ x 6″ Boards. Ana White’s Plans say to use pocket screws to attach each top board to one another. I decided to just use 2 1/2″ screws and screw from the bottom (of the 2x4s) straight up into each 2×6 board. For me it’s a lot easier and less time consuming than clamping the Kreg Jig so many times. If I did this again though, I would go with Ana White’s way.



Completely Assembled! I did a LOT of sanding at this stage, especially the top. I wanted it to be as perfectly even as possible, so I brought out the Belt Sander and went to town! It was as smooth as a baby bottom’s when I got done with it.


The hardest Part! Picking the right stain Color. On the Left is Minwax Golden Pecan. On the right is Varathane Light Walnut. Out of these two, I really liked Golden Pecan. It has just enough color and our living room is pretty dark already so I thought a light color would be great to brighten up our space a bit.


On the left is Minwax English Chestnut. This is Eric’s favorite stain.It is the color of the dining room set and my bedroom shelves. I thought it would be great to match our dining room set but it just felt so dark. On the right is Minwax Early American. I chose this one! It had a bit of a rustic feel and wasn’t too dark.


The top is stained here. After finishing the top, I seriously considered leaving it two-toned like this. Maybe a Natural Stain on the bottom or just poly-ing the whole thing without adding color to the bottom. I really liked this two-toned look and debated with myself if I should stain the rest of it or not.


Well, I stained the rest of it. I think it looks good either way.


I found these 2″ Corner Brackets from my local Hardware Store. I sortof wish I went with larger ones, but it turned out alright in the end 🙂 A pack of 4 was about $5. These are Zinc-Plated.


I Spray Painted my Brackets with Rustoleum Metallic Paint, called “Metallic Charcoal”


My Coffee Table Completely Assembled/Stained and put in its new location. After Staining with Early American, I put 3 coats of Polyurethane, with a rag. Also, I installed leveling feet on the bottom of each 2×4 because nothing I build is perfectly square and because a floor might not be perfectly flat.


I found these two baskets at Michaels, 40% Off. At first I didn’t like the thick wicker, the dark color, the shallow-ness. But I put ’em in place and I love them! I had a habit of putting all sorts of junk on the coffee table, and it inspired me to build a table with a bottom shelf so I could put baskets to stash my stuff when company is over.


I love my table! (and kitty loves going in the baskets).


It was hard to get good pictures in my Living Room with my Phone Camera. Maybe one day I’ll have a better Camera to get better Pictures. Oh well. I’m so excited I finally finished this project, I love how it came out, and I can’t wait to start the next thing!


Thanks for Reading!

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